My love is personalized care and functional medicine. I want to work with you 1:1 and really dive deep into your life, your health, your symptoms, and how you are in flow with your world.

And, I also want to teach you *all*the*things about health, wellness, breath work, vagus nerve support, fitness, autoimmune care, how to get your best sleep, and everything health and wellness.

I also want to show you how to learn to trust your body again. To stop ignoring or fighting the symptoms and really get into the flow of feeling good, acknowledging that your body is triggered for a reason, and how to move forward. Sometimes that means changing foods, eliminating infections, adding in supplements, or quitting your crazy workouts.

My patients tell me:

😭”I’m 50 and I feel like I’m going on 90″

😭”I’m so exhausted, just thinking about doing something makes me feel worse”

😭”I have to take 15 things just to fall asleep and they aren’t even helping”

😭”I’m so stressed out and overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start. Nothing I have done has helped or has worked”

😭😭😭My personal favorite: “My blood work is normal and my doctor says I just have anxiety and now I’m getting worse. Help!”

But you won’t know what to do, until you first, understand your health and body. Which is where the functional medicine consultations shine. We create your plan based on your needs, your test results, your life, and guide you on the right path. No one-size-fits-all programs here.

And I know you want to truly heal all the parts of you, not just the body symptoms.

You want to:

– relax. OMG if your brain could turn off for 5 minutes and stop with the overwhelm

– sleep all night instead of tossing and turning.

– have energy throughout the day and stop falling asleep at your desk or in the kid’s pick-up line (Sorry that I honked my horn at you, but seriously wake up)

– Stop taking so many supplements. Seriously, you can’t open the pantry without bottles falling on your head. I get it. You’ve tried everything. Some things will help and others won’t. It’s not your fault but we can’t take every pill ever created and hope to feel better.

What’s included?

  • Your Personalized Program: Your health is the priority here so your program includes a 90-minute, private call and full functional medicine consultation. After filling out your health forms and surveys, we will meet via telehealth video and go through your plan and make sure that you are prepared for the next year!
  • Two 90-minute group telehealth calls/month – Tuesdays from 12:30-2pm CST.  This is our time for healing, compassion, grace, empathy, laughter, and support. The focus of this program is community and gathering, and a place for you to complain, share your worries and struggles, and find the care you deserve. No judgments here!
  • “Better” app chat space: your private place, off social media, to check in, ask questions, get support and accountability. This is a safe place for us to share, learn from each other, and celebrate our wins too!
  • Weekly Empowerment Lessons: this is the fun work where you get access to learn deep healing for your nervous system, digestive health, hormones, sleep and more. Videos with explanations on exercises, audio inspiration, journaling exercises, and so much more.

Your cost: $1500 or 3 payments of $525

*If you are already a Direct Care Monthly Patient, you can join us for FREE! Want to learn more about the Direct Care program, message me: