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Consultations are built around your goals and needs. We will work together to discover what you truly want to happen for your health and life, find the source and solution, and move forward toward better, healthier days.

The Process:

First, we begin with your initial consultation. You will:

  • Schedule an appointment online 

  • Fill out your online health history and symptom survey forms

  • Submit any past or recent testing

  • Optional: add on blood work to your consult to speed up the process

Together, we review your most current labs and health history. We will meet (via video conference or phone) for 90 minutes. We’ll focus on your most important symptoms, and uncover their root causes. You will have plenty of time to ask questions about your health, your goals, and you will have a plan to get started with right away. 

You will leave this call with a 90-day customized whole-life plan to include additional testing, meal plans, nutrition guidelines, fitness programs, any supplementation changes or additions.  

Testing is not a one size fits all in our practice and additional testing will be determined by your health history, personal needs, and requests.

I will continue to be available to you as your body heals. We will work at the pace that is best for you, chart your progress, and adjust the plan as needed.

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Consultation Pricing

Initial Consultations – $150

Your one-time initial consultation will include a complete health history review, blood and additional lab test reviews and reports, and at the end of your call, you will receive a 90-day plan to meet your health goals.

Follow Up Consultations – $125

Schedule a one-time consultation as needed to review your goals, symptoms, and update your plan as needed. 

Monthly Direct Care Program
Discounted prices on consultations
Unlimited consultations scheduled as needed
Free app for journaling, food tracking, and chat
Unlimited email and text support during business hours
25% discount on supplements
25% discount on testing

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