Fundamentals of Emotional Healing

Learn the basics of the most effective functional wellness therapies and emotional renewal techniques.

Focus on mind – body – heart care – Take your life from stressed to enjoyable

Are you ready to:

– Find support for anxiety
– Sleep through the night without tossing and turning
– Get realistic and actionable support for stress

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Personally, I have struggled with anxiety my entire life. Dealing with insomnia from stress starting in 4th grade, to post-partum anxiety, and struggling every day to get out of bed. I remember the sleepless nights. Not being able to remember simple notes and tasks. Wishing someone else could take care of everything for me.

It was the times in my life when I was growing my business, my children were young, and I was just exhausted. I couldn’t even leave the house to get groceries and was struggling to take care of myself. Of course, I hid all of this, but internally I was struggling!

All of this changed when I discovered what my body truly needed from simple solutions like changing my food choices, balancing blood sugar, actually getting help with stress, and using the right essential oils.

I learned what my body needed and yes, it was different than what everyone else was doing!

Today I look back at those days and the anxiety and depression I once had is a faint memory.

My functional medicine practice has shifted to supporting people of all ages with anxiety and showing them a better way. My patients have found that the anxiety, nausea, pain, and headaches that kep them home from their children’s sports, family activities, and miserable on vacations are gone in a matter of weeks!

I want you to enjoy your life freely and I can’t wait to support you on your journey,


are you struggling with

– Trouble remembering simple tasks

– Overcome with anxiety and depression with no answers

– Unable to focus at work due to stress and overwhelm

– Unable to sleep or stay asleep

– Constantly physically and mentally exhausted

– No energy left for your children, spouse, or friends

How will you feel after 23 days?

You will understand your mind and body on a deep level to know the *root cause* of why you are having anxiety… and how to care for yourself to feel better fast!

You will have a brand new set of tools to help you navigate your daily emotions that are super simple to create new habits. 

Your brain and nervous system will get an entire reboot so you can focus on living your life instead of avoiding anxiety!

This is NOT a get-fixed quick, a patch, a pill, or a shake.
This is NOT a plan to download and never follow because it’s too hard to do alone.
This is NOT a one size fits all program. 

Most of those programs, courses, and books give you some simple formula and let you go on your own to implement it.

My 23-day Depression & Anxiety Reboot for High Achieving Women is different. I know your body is unique and it requires a uniquely crafted plan that WORKS FOR YOU. For YOUR health, for YOUR goals.

what’s included

  • Access to 23 days of the anxiety program plus unlock two past sessions of bonus content
  • 23 days of new anxiety and mood support content
  • Daily check-in’s and private support group
  • Powerful tools for all areas of your life from food, supplements, exercise, emotional support and more
  • Anxiety Answers Workbook
  • Dr. Alison’s “Healing The Woman Within” and “101 Journaling Prompts” books

PLUS, You’re going to have some powerful accountability and community support.

It is YOUR time to be a PRIORITY in your life! 

Join the program today!

Join the program for just $39 and save over 80% off the regular pricing.

Free Bonus Just For You:

with this free guided meditation and listen to learn, trust, and guide your body to better health

Join the program today!

Join the program for just $39 and save over 80% off the regular pricing.

Meet Dr. Alison

During my high school physics class I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine and I was captivated. From there, I immersed myself in learning more about alternative healing. I was able to travel abroad and spend a few months in China learning traditional medicine, herbal treatments, acupuncture, and more.

A few years later I became a Reiki master, held energy and healing workshops, and taught others how to care for their physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual health at my chiropractic office.

Now, my practice is soley functional medicine with a focus on mental wellness, digestive health, hormone support, and autoimmune specialization. 

I am excited to share and serve you with new techniques, incorporating more holistic and deeper reaching support, so you can feel your best.