Changing up my biz, educational platforms, and messaging. I realize that posting random health info, isn’t always helping. More stories on that to be shared this week! This means I will be more focused on sharing on this blog, adding these posts to socials, and going live in my functional medicine community.
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Let’s focus on YOU feeling your best and living your healthiest life, without pain and struggle
when everything is draining….
🤬being chronically ill is the worst.
>Chronic pain is emotionally and physically draining
>Constantly being sick, tired, in pain, and wondering if you’ll ever feel good again
>Constantly looking for solutions that never work
👉It’s time to slow down and stop chasing symptoms
> Stop constantly researching, listening to podcasts, and asking everyone around you for advice
> no one knows you better than YOU
> and the experts are only giving generic advice that doesn’t help
> and please stop taking supplements without getting tested for hormones and immune issues first
🫠This is why I am quitting my podcast and letting go of random social media posting
> Information and education are important
> but that doesn’t mean everyone will find solutions because every body is different and needs different support
> and most importantly, just because a diet or pill worked for one person that doesn’t make it a cure all for you!
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-Dr. Alison