soul elements collective

If you are highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic, or just feeling the weight of the world on you, it is your time to expand into becoming more. 

This membership is for you if you are: 

  • Feeling burnt out on your feelings. Your body is taking the toll, your emotions are all over the place, and you feel like you can’t get it under control.

  • Learning about emotions, trauma, and energy. We are all on the journey of learning more about who we are and what we bring to the world. With a special focus on accessing and exploring our past to heal our current state.

  • Feeling alone. Maybe you feel like you can’t talk to friends or family about your ideas and feelings, they don’t understand, think you are overreacting or just to ‘woo’. 

Somewhere inside, you know there’s a better way, a way to bring yourself back to a place of feeling whole, aligned to your goals and higher purpose, and ready to integrate physical healing. 

Join the monthly membership today with Founder’s pricing for just $37 a month

What Your Membership Includes

Private Consults

  • Individual Support Session for us to create a healing plan for you to utilize over the quarter, get support with physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns. 

Weekly Live's

Weekly Live Readings and Healy Sessions in our Facebook group – join live and during our Zoom sessions

Group Support

Private Facebook group to get to know your community, ask questions, and get support.


Monthly Meditations created just for our group – posted monthly and includes access to all past meditations

Monthly Courses

Monthly courses and classes created just for our group – posted monthly and includes access to all past classes

Growing Library

  • Free access to all of the Soul Elements Programs including: Rewilding Program, Confident Empath, Igniting Your Inner Fire, 6 week Shamanic Journey, and more!

Join the monthly membership today with Founder’s pricing for just $37 a month
Helping women change their lives is my soul’s work.
I am deeply passionate about helping women because I believe that life is meant to be lived and when you’re exhausted and burnt out, it’s just not fun. 

Not only will we be covering all things health and wellness (of course) but also we will be diving deep into:

  • Autonomic dysregulation aka Vagus Nerve work and healing our nervous system + the exact how to do that

  • Exploring how our emotions and past show up as symptoms in our life

  • How to create a daily practice that you LOVE and can easily integrate to boost your energy and emotions

  • How to step back from your life and embody who you truly want to be, while managing the chaos and overwhelm that still goes on

  • How to be your best self and really discover who that is for you

  • How to use essential oils with energy, emotions, acupuncture, chakras and healing

  • Fundamentals of energy, Reiki, Run Valdr, and more

We have lives, jobs, children, and relationships that we WANT to show up for but sometimes our health gets in the way. My job, is to help you be empowered to create space and time for yourself so you can show up with joy and enthusiasm every day. Because you deserve it. 

You are worthy of living a life you love. 

Healing your body is part of the journey to living your best life, and I’m here to help you get there.

Join the monthly membership today with Founder’s pricing for just $37 a month


Is there a long-term contract?

The program requires a 3 month committment and then you can pay month to month. After the first three months, while I hate to see you go, you can cancel any time. 

When will the program open again?

The next session will open in January 2023. 

Do I have to know everything about energy healing?

No, this group is open to anyone at any level. You can choose to take energy healing courses, join Reiki shares, or skip this part of the group. 

Is there a specific religion that I have to believe in?

No, but I ask that you be open and non-judgemental of others

Do you offer refunds?

If you find the program is not a fit for you, you can request a refund and cancel within the first 14 days of joining. 

How much time is required to be part of this?

As much as you want, all video’s will be recorded for you to review at your pace. 

Free Meditation

This 10-minute guided meditation will help you:
*connect to your body
*reduce pain and discomfort
*discover and release emotional pain

Meet Dr. Alison

During my high school physics class, I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine and I was captivated. From there, I immersed myself in learning more about alternative healing. I was able to travel abroad and spend a few months in China learning traditional medicine, herbal treatments, acupuncture, and more. 

A few years later I became a Reiki master, held energy and healing workshops, and taught others how to care for their physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual health at my chiropractic office. 

Now, my practice is soley functional medicine and I have been incorporating online and in-person shamanistic support. In 2020, I originally started the Soul Elements Collective and loved our group, the encouragement, connection, and really the validation of all the experiences and intuition we all were receiving. I took a break to re-focus on my health, and now I am bringing the group back to full swing. 

I am excited to share and serve you with new techniques, incorporating more holistic and deeper reaching support, so you can feel your best. 

Can’t wait to see you in the group! 

– Dr. Alison