Reflux Remedies Webinar

Are struggling with acid reflux (GERD) and looking for natural remedies to help you feel better fast?

Join our free on-demand webinar to learn about why you have acid reflux (hint: it’s not too much acid!) and how to know what support is best for you. 


Are you struggling with:

Chest Pain

Burning in chest, mouth

Sour taste in mouth


Stomach pain


What about the strange symptoms that aren’t resolving like:

Trouble Swallowing

Esophagus pain


Lung pain, difficulty breathing

Chronic sinus congestion

Changes in voice

Coughing in the morning

Learn More About:

True Causes of Reflux

  • What impacts our level of acid in our stomach and why too much and too little acid are a main problem

Traditional Treatment

How traditional testing and treatment can be an important part of your healing journey. 

Foundational Health

How to support any symptom of reflux, understand why it is happening, and how to finally stop it from happening.

Food FAQ

It’s not all about food, but it can be! Learn what foods to eliminate and add in for your best digestive health.


Did you know that there are many different infections that can affect your stomach and cause reflux?


Lifestyle Support

  • Lastly, we will cover supplements, essential oils, lifestyle care, and much more to cover all your health concerns!

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Are you tired of dealing with acid reflux every day? Are you wanting to stop being dependent on antacids or your medication and want to get to the root cause of why you are experiencing reflux? Today we are going to talk about why you might have acid reflux and what to do about it.

Meet Dr. Alison

During my high school physics class, I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine and I was captivated. From there, I immersed myself in learning more about alternative healing. I was able to travel abroad and spend a few months in China learning traditional medicine, herbal treatments, acupuncture, and more. 

A few years later I became a Reiki master, held energy and healing workshops, and taught others how to care for their physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual health at my chiropractic office. 

Now, my practice is soley functional medicine and I have been incorporating online and in-person shamanistic support. In 2020, I originally started the Soul Elements Collective and loved our group, the encouragement, connection, and really the validation of all the experiences and intuition we all were receiving. I took a break to re-focus on my health, and now I am bringing the group back to full swing. 

I am excited to share and serve you with new techniques, incorporating more holistic and deeper reaching support, so you can feel your best. 

Can’t wait to see you in the group! 

– Dr. Alison