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Looking for Personalized Care to support your health?

Private and Individualized Care

3 month program

Your program includes a 90 minute initial consultation as well as an additional 6 consults over 3 months. This includes your personalized lifestyle report with your plan for meals, supplements, testing, fitness and more!

Includes supplement & oil kit

Customized just for you

Includes a customized supplement and oil kit to help you feel your best. And includes not only digestive support, hormone health, mind and mood wellness, and any other topics you need support with.

Optional Discounted Testing

Any labs at your price

Needing blood work to help you navigate your health? Use your insurance or our discounted co-op. Stool testing for digestive health and infections is also available.

Save over $250 today!

Get started with your 3 month Reflux Recovery program and save money, time, and your health with functional medicine. 


Why Start the Reflux Program?

Take Control Of Your Health

Reflux ruins your day, your date nights, and sleep. It’s time to find out why you are having reflux and manage it naturally.

Get Individualized Support

When you recieve your plan, it will be catered to your top goals, concerns, and symptoms. Your body and life are unique and you deserve unique care.

No More Worries About Food

Your plan comes with a 3 month, customizable plan, with recipes, macros, and a shopping list that is based on your chosen serving sizes. We take the guessing out of meal planning

Stop Guessing Why You Don't Feel Good

You’re not alone if you have tried all the supplements, cut out all the ‘bad’ foods, tried all the diets, and found nothing worked. Functional medicine takes out the guess work for you so you know exactly what to do!

Don't Wait To Get Care

Your 3 month program includes consistent conversations with Dr. Alison so you both can understand how your body is responding, without having to wait months for your next appointment. That way you can update and improve your plan as you feel better.

Get The Labs You Need and Want

Could your thyroid be affecting your digestion? Worried about parasites or infections? We offer discounted testing and can work with your insurance so you don’t have to guess or stress about your numbers.

About US

Meet Dr. Alison

And learn more about functional medicine and how it can help support your health goals by getting to the root cause of your symptoms. 


What Our Patients Say

Dr. Alison helped me discover that SIBO was at the root cause of all my digestive issues and it wasn’t just food sensitivities! After her program my bloating and IBS are gone. Thank you!

Alex D.

Digestive Health Patient

I was struggling for years with migraines, asthma, and reflux. After blood work and readjusting my fasting times and workouts, I feel much better. No more headaches and my reflux that caused my breathing problems are gone!

Arnold S.

Pain and Digestive Health Patient


Frequently Asked

What is included in the program?
  • Private initial consultation
  • Customized care plan with full lifestyle, diet, supplemental, and care plan
  • 3 month meal plan
  • Customized supplement and oil starter kit
  • Additional 6 consultations
  • Discounted testing (if needed)
Can I use my health insurance?

Our office does not currently accept insurance, but you can ask for a superbill to submit to be reimbursed by your insurance. You are also able to use your HSA or other health savings account card. 

What if I have other issues than just reflux?

When you fill out your health history forms online, you will have the opportunity to share all your symptoms, complaints, and past testing with Dr. Alison. We know that the body is connected, and we want to treat you as a whole person, not just reflux. We will work together to heal your whole body!

Do you offer payment plans?

Please message us if you need a payment plan option. 

Facebook: http://m.me/littleblackbagmedicine

Email: DrAlison@LittleBlackBagMedicine.com

Save over $250 today!

Get started with your 3 month Reflux Recovery program and save money, time, and your health with functional medicine.