Welcome to Little Black Bag Functional Medicine

I am excited to support you on your journey with functional medicine. Here is what you need to get started today:

An email with all of these links have been emailed to you as well. 

Some patients will also include an email with their health history written out in an email. If you would like to send an email with more information (health history, concerns, dates, etc), I would be happy to have that before we talk *in addition to your forms*

1. Health History Form

Please fill out these forms at least 48 hours prior to your consultation. Once you begin the forms you must fill them out so please expect to take some time to complete them.

Initial Health History Form: https://forms.gle/BBbySVrmV85FtWqa8

Metabolic and Symptom Formhttps://forms.gle/dgpy3Ub2A4qdWXbo8

Brain Health Form: https://forms.gle/C7J8dWPF9266DSMP8

Brain Localization form: https://forms.gle/kugbGzyQ4tteZapm6


2. Please follow the links (or copy and paste them into your browser)

Financial Forms: https://forms.gle/cBHNmLS8sEmsJGJs5

HIPAA: https://forms.gle/UqHLs7ntSsmUi8P58


3. You can send all of your past tests to my email for review. If you ordered the additional discounted blood work for your initial consultation, you will receive a separate email with the order and instructions.

4. At your scheduled time, we will meet through the Practice Portal Link in your email.

If you are unable to meet on that platform and would like an alternative option, please email me. 

If you have any questions or need any help filling out forms, please email me any time. 


Dr. Alison DiBarto Goggin