In April 2023, my new podcast for all things chronic illness was released!

It’s called: chasing chickens⇩⇩⇩

🎶listen here 🎶

A show that is really a path through the intensity of chronically ill, feeling sick and tired, and lost in the process. 

I named the program “Chasing Chickens” because with chronic illness we are always chasing answers.

Is it environment, genetics, food, toxins, mold, omg I could list a million things. Was it the chicken or the egg that started it all? We will probably never know. 

But what I do know is that we are going to get real, get messy, very raw. 

…dealing with the guilt, shame, and overwhelm of it all

…how we manage expectations of our body and mind

…how we have compassion fatigue from caring for ourselves and others

…worried that we may never feel good again

…and how scary it is to navigate this all on your own


This is my love letter to my people who are also chronically ill.


It’s a reclamation of who I am at the heart of my life, work, practice, and family. 


A place where I share my story of how my live has irrevocably changed and the guilt and shame I feel, along with the tools, the support, and the care I can share. 

This show is a celebration of life and redefining health, healing, success, connection, and self-care. 

To give you tools to nourish yourself while you navigate all the systems. 

… to tap into your intuition

…to speak up for yourself and ask for what you need 

… to take risks and chances on yourself because you are worthy of living a life you love

Could you imagine what it would mean to love your life and body just the way it is right now? 

In health or sickness, to breathe and just know, you are here and that’s all you need to be. 

That you don’t have to put on a brave face, mask who you really are, and have some freedom to play?

That you can have good days and bad days and it doesn’t mean ANYTHING about you as a person? 

And that we can change the paradigm of health by supporting each other through the darkness of illness?

We can teach our next generations how to truly care for themselves: emotionally, physically, spiritually?

You don’t have to hide anymore, and I’m not going to either. 

I am going to share some difficult topics, scary things, be super real with you on my journey of fighting for my life. Even my real fears of medication failing, almost losing my life, and what has changed not only in my personal life but how I help my patients manage the same issues. 


So, would you forward this email or share this link with a few people you know who need it?


It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s for you when you are ready. 


I can’t wait to hear your thoughts,


Dr. Alison