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I saw a quote from a physician on Instagram that said:

“Genetics aren’t the problem… Your habits are. Genetics may load the gun. But diet and lifestyle pull the trigger. Eat real food, lead a healthy lifestyle & watch your health improve.”

And of course, everyone shared this post, said “yes! If you just ate healthy you wouldn’t have any health issues, diseases, or worries!” And you know, I used to really buy into this theory and it’s what we are taught in the ‘natural’ world, chiropractic, nutrition, and wellness circles.

But now, these things actually really trigger and upset me. You can get sick even if you are perfect by these standards, and victim or patient blaming is so prominent, it puts all the control on the patient as well as the failure when they do get sick. We have created this illusion of complete control over our health and bodies, that we forget about the truth in our environment, what industrial waste is doing in our water and our bodies, and how that directly affects us on a daily basis.

First, yes, your lifestyle directly impacts your health. There is no way around that.

Eating real food means something different to everyone, and what this doc means is probably that you eat whole, fresh food including vegetables, fruits, and meat. Adding in processed foods, sugars, and dyes do make you sick.

You can dramatically change your health by changing your food. Using myself as an example, my biggest cheat was my coffee creamer. It’s gluten and dairy free though! And I finally looked at the ingredients and quit drinking it. After 2 days my morning IBS was GONE. I used to be running to the bathroom 4 times in the morning and now I don’t have to. Why? What changed? The coffee creamer is basically vegetable oil, it’s the third ingredient. And it is incredibly inflammatory, disruptive to the gut and hormones, and now my body isn’t struggling. We can make changes to support our health!


This is the illusion of control. We actually have very little control of our environment, foods, air, and what we are exposed to.

We cannot control what we are exposed to and what pulls the trigger

– like my colonoscopy triggering colitis

– like what’s in our water: cancer by military bases, landfills, the water in Hawaii

– infections that trigger other diseases like Epstein Barr or Covid

– Diabetogens, obseogens, and xenohormones that are in our water and foods from industrial waste that are proven to cause obesity, diabetes, and hormone issues. We can’t filter out these toxins.


Your health and body were exposed to so much more than what you realize or even remember. You were an egg in your mom’s ovary while she was a fetus inside your grandmother. What your grandmother was exposed to, changed her genes, your moms’ genes, and your genes. So good luck trying to find something to directly blame.


– stop blaming and shaming, you have no idea what caused someone’s illness. It may be their lifestyle, genetics, or unknown exposures.

– accept where you are now, decide what needs to change, start taking those steps now

– start testing your genes ($100 for my patients without coding or selling your info)

– start testing for what triggers your genes: toxins, nail polish, mold, aerosols,

– do all you can piece by piece: filter your water, eat organic, stop drinking soda and crap

– take supplements

– learn about xenohormones, obesogens, diabetogens, all the things that affect your health that is hidden by the FDA

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