Today we are talking about hormones and how to support yourself if you are struggling with difficult periods. I have been working on healing my hormones for a few months now and I wanted to share with you some specifics on what I have been doing and hopefully guide you on your journey.

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In July of 2020, I was in and out of hospitals trying to get help with my ulcerative colitis. There is so much to share about what happened here, but I essentially went from having very mild colitis in one tiny section to full blown gut death in just 4 months. I lost about 40 pounds in three weeks, I was in incredible pain, and no one would help me.

The hormone story of this is that because my body was literally dying and shutting down, plus the weight loss, my period stopped for 4 months. After my gut started healing and I was saved by the medication, my period did finally restart. And it was very easy, light, and painless. But in February of 2021 it started to change.

My cycles were excruciatingly painful, at times my pain meds that I use for the colitis wouldn’t even help. My flow was about 50 times heavier, and lasted for a week instead of the 3 days I was used to. I had to take days off of work and leaving the house. And then I had to take time to recover, fix the anemia again, and of course my mood was horrible, the insomnia kicked in, and no one wanted to be around me.

Now, my cycle is much lighter, almost painless, and is back to about 3 days. My mood has shifted significantly. My husband and I used to joke about ‘day 17’ because I would freak out, have panic attacks, just be pure angry, and he would just go out and get wine, chocolate, and pringles. Now, I don’t have those episodes anymore.

So what did I do?

First, I did the wrong thing and didn’t test my hormones.

Yes, I always recommend testing but for myself I knew what I needed to do. I do recommend that you don’t switch between blood, saliva or urine for testing. Pick one and stick with it, especially if you are using bioidentical hormones. But for more information, I would choose the Dutch test.

Second, was focusing on my foods.

I was eating too little fat and too many carbs. I increased my fat intake and went back to Keto style eating which always helps my gut and hormones. I also stopped drinking alcohol. I gut out gluten and I am already dairy free, but I can tell you cutting these inflammatory foods out has always been helpful for my hormone health.

I started my supplement routine for hormones again.

I spent so much time focused on gut healing that I forgot about the rest of my body. I take:

– Symplex F by Standard Process to help support my entire endocrine system

– Chaste Tree to help improve my progesterone levels

– Ovex P from Standard Process to help support my ovaries

– Utrophin from Standard Process to help calm down my uterine lining, inflammation, pain. This also improves blood flow

For my patients, I also add I specific progesterone or estrogen support. But that is personalized and specific and I would not recommend just taking hormones without testing or working with a professional who understands how these supplements and support can affect you.

I also re-incorporated my essential oils including

– Clary Calm Blend: using twice daily on my abdomen

– Copaiba: 2 drops a day under my tongue

– DDR Prime: 1 capsule/day

– Yarrow/POM: 1 capsule/day

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Body work has also been incredibly important. I go to pelvic floor physical therapy and she also does visceral work which is organ work. I have had major changes from this including decreased bowel pain, improved bowel movements, improved periods, less uterine pain, less vaginal pain.

So all of these things sound really simple and basic, but I can tell you that usually it is the most basic support that is the most effective. Being consistent with supplements and food is hands down the best thing that you can do for your health and is what has changed mine so drastically this year.

If you are looking for personalized help this is the time to schedule a free health assessment call with me because starting in January 2022 I will no longer be offering free calls and will be changing up our program offers. You can schedule online at any time and make sure to like and subscribe so you stay tuned with all my weekly podcasts.

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