Are you worried about gaining weight this holiday? Are you wondering how you are going to enjoy your holiday parties without going overboard? Today we are going to strategize on how to help you feel your best and enjoy this season!

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Let’s dive into our holiday strategy!

Your first strategy is going to be to EAT BREAKFAST.

Eating breakfast, and a breakfast that has protein, fat, and carbs is so important. Eating breakfast will:

· Stabilize your blood sugar after fasting all night and keep it more stable through the day

· Which will reduce cravings for carbs, treats, and candy

· Keep you fuller through the day so lunch and afternoon parties will be focused on fun and not on food

Skipping breakfast is proven to lead to overeating later in the day. But your breakfast is NOT coffee and a muffin. You need protein and fiber. Which is why I recommend using the doTERRA protein shakes, add in fiber and some almond or peanut butter, especially if you wake up and you aren’t hungry or you are on the go.

Your next strategy is going to be EAT A SMALL PORTION OF WHAT YOU LOVE.

· You are allowed to eat the food you love!

· Restricting food only leads to binging later

· You don’t have to eat the whole pie or cake

· Remind yourself that food will always be there. You can always have your favorite foods at another time.

· Make your food and bring that with you to parties, especially when you are skipping gluten and dairy

What triggers you during parties?

· Parties are not a race to eat as much as you can. Like our family and chocolate: we all sneak and eat the chocolate when it’s in the house.

· Are you anxious about being around other people? Do family or friends push your boundaries and you eat to avoid conversation?

· Or does drinking give you a place to hide or give you that liquid courage?

· How can you recognize your triggers so you can make a plan to manage them?

· Working with a food therapist or dietician, a therapist who understands food addiction or overeating can be very helpful all year round.

Create healthy emotional and physical boundaries

It is okay to decline invitations to parties or events, yes, even with family.

It is okay to say no to alcohol, foods, or anything else you don’t want to eat or do.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices.

You don’t have to spend time with people who disrespect your boundaries.

Next, you can support your health through nutrition on a daily basis

· I love to use essential oils like lemon and peppermint in my water, Slim and Sassy is another great option as well as wild orange to help support blood sugar, the liver, and gut.

· Adding zinc, chromium, vitamin D, and Vitamin C will also support your blood sugar, help you feel better faster after a fun night. And make sure you are taking your digestive enzymes!

· I also like to add in the powdered greens so I can get more nutrition in on the days that I am not eating 100%.

· Eating more protein and fiber throughout the day will help manage cravings, fatigue, and anxiety.

· Don’t forget to drink water! Alcohol, caffeine, soda, and coffee will dehydrate you.

Lastly, decide on what you want your goals to be for the holiday season.

· Do you want to even worry about your weight? Maybe your focus can be to maintain your current weight instead of stressing about how much you will gain.

· How do you want to care for your body right now? How can you incorporate more movement and exercise, even a quick walk at lunch or body weight exercises?

· What is your plan for food during the day on a regular day? How can you keep to that plan during party days, events, or family gatherings?

You can grab your customized oil kit with everything we have talked about today in the link in the description:

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