Are you struggling with chronic bladder infections, bladder and pelvic pain, and wondering what else you can do to find the relief you need? In today’s episode we are going to talk about the root causes of bladder issues, how to test and address them, anatomy and structural issues, lifestyle, supplements, body support, and so many options that are available to you.

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I have worked with many women who struggle with this issue and I can tell you first hand that each woman has been different in their treatment, program, and what they needed to feel better. There is not one protocol that will work for everyone because bladder pain and infections are almost always related to some other issue going on.

R/o= rule out this issue

Lifestyle and care

  • Wiping front to back
  • NO feminine care products, sprays, wipes, douches, sprays
  • NO wet wipes
  • TRY sitz/peri bottle after urinating instead of wiping
  • Clean underwear daily
  • NO thong underwear
  • Change pads/depends often
  • NO baths, showers only
  • 100oz water daily
  • Voiding pre/post sex, cleaning toys, hands before and after play
  • No anal sex or play
  • If your partner has bad hygiene you will have infections
  • Change condom type, brand, etc and type of lube

R/o Mold, yeast

  • What type of bacteria is causing infection – culture urinalysis
  • Biofilm and yeast
  • Candibactin AR and BR – pulse for a few months and do 10 days on, then break with probiotics
  • Add in Allicin/Allimax and probiophage
  • NAC for breaking up biofilm
  • Check environment, home, work, etc for mold
  • Mast cell activation syndrome


Gut health

  • Probiotics after Candibactin – double dose
  • Introduce fermented foods – as long as safe for the gut
  • Low oxalate foods to lower inflammation and pain
  • Strongly related to SIBO


  • No cold drinks or carbonated drinks
  • Low histamine
  • AIP/Carnivore/Keto + low/no oxalate
  • No caffeine, coffee, tea
  • NO alcohol
  • No chocolate

Pelvic floor and anatomy

  • Prolapse support: referrals to GYN, PT
  • R/o stone, kidney issues, etc
  • R/o colovesicular fistula and other anatomical causes

Body work

  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Pelvic floor

Bladder support

  • D Mannose – may need to double dose AND cycle 2 weeks on then 4 days off
  • Colloidal Silver – double dose
  • Try with cranberry and without
  • PTH (parathyroid hormone)
  • Elevated calcium levels irritate bladder and increase inflammation

Consider Interstitial cystitis


  • Vaginal estrogen suppositories *after testing*

Stress management

  • Vagus nerve exercises (gagging, gargling, enemas, singing)
  • Adrenal support
  • HP Axis support

Other support

  • Ozone bladder insufflation
  • bladder instillations with lidocaine, bicarbonate and heparin – if IC
  • erchonia laser treatments,
  • Solaris from activation products

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