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Are you thinking about doing a detox to help you lose weight, but you don’t know which one to do, which one to trust, or if it’s even right for you today, we are going to help you navigate this issue. Welcome. I am Dr. Alison DiBarto Goggin and if we haven’t met yet, I am a functional medicine physician. I may doTERRA wellness advocate and I help women overcome a chronic health issues. So they can start feeling like themselves. Again, I want you to have the energy to pursue your life passions and create the healthy life and lifestyle that feels good to you. Maybe you are stuck with some extra weight and you can’t figure out how to get it off diet and exercise. Just isn’t cutting it. One of the reasons you may be hanging on to the extra weight is because of toxins. Yes, it’s true.

So some key terms that you will want to know and research later are endocrine disruptors. These are environmental chemicals that change endocrine and hormones in our body. Diabetogens are another term and they disrupt how your body uses sugar and insulin and obesogens are another specific groups of chemicals that disrupt metabolism and lead to obesity. So plastic products, air pollution, pesticides, corporate glue, cigarette, smoke, shower, curtain, chemical release of electrical, wires, cosmetics, dry cleaning chemicals. These things are everything from BPA to glide, phosphates, to paradigms, to benzene, to fire retardants that are out there. And when you look at some of the research that’s being done, what’s very interesting is it seems that these environmental chemicals seem to play a significant role in the development of diabetes and the obesity epidemic. The research actually shows that as obesity, diabetes has increased in the population, they can not link this to sugar intake.

It’s actually directly linked to these diabetes genes and pollutants in the environment. The scary thing is that these chemicals are with us forever. They’re in our environment, our food, our bodies. So we consume plants and animals that carry these pollutants. And then we pass them on down to our own children during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well. So what can you do as a full detox might actually help you? The number one thing to do is a toxicity test. There’s one through great Plains laboratory. It includes glyophosphate one of the most powerful obesity of toxins that we have on our planet right now. Then as always, we want to focus on how your body handles sugar and eat accordingly to balance your blood sugar levels and insulin, improve your energy and how your body is functioning. And then focusing on detoxing through multiple routes. The first is to limit the exposure of whatever’s making you sick.

Do you need a water filter? Do you need or eat organic foods, stop smoking, stop drinking. There’s so many things that we can do there. And then we want to support the liver and make sure that those pathways have what they need and making sure that you have great digestive health, your gallbladder has healthy bile to bind and release whatever the liver is. Packaging up. I like to do that with digestive enzymes. Then we want to provide antioxidants like glutathione to limit D DNA damage support those liver pathways. So they can better detox. Increasing fiber ingredients is especially important because this is how our body bind and releases toxins.

I love that doTERRA has their greens and they’re brand new fire out. So that way you can make these in one easy shape with their protein powders and get them down. They actually taste really good. They have lemon essential oil in them, and I loved, I just love to mix them all together and drink them. I love that. That’s also really healthy for your digestion and helps thin your bile. So your liver has an easier time to release these chemicals and toxins and hormones and get through your gut as well. The fiber binds to the toxins and chemicals that your body’s releasing. It also binds to excess hormones. So if you have problems with estrogen or testosterone, fiber ingredients will help with that as well.

I also recommend using the sauna to help support those pathways of how your body releases toxins through the kidneys, through the liver, through the sweat and your lungs as well. And as far as a big detox program goes first, I wouldn’t recommend any detox. Teas are just one-off pills. Those aren’t going to be powerful enough if you’re seriously struggling with these issues, I base my detox recommendations on what you specifically need and how we think your body will react. And so I love doTERRA’s clean slate program. It’s very gentle for most people. It is very, very, very effective and something you could definitely do on your own. I also recommend standard processes, 21 day program. I feel that one’s a little bit more intense, but also very, very effective. I’ve done both of those multiple times over the past 15 years. So I’ve been there.

I’ve done that. I also like apex energetics program because they include homeopathics. This makes the process a little bit more gentle as well, genital, meaning you’re not running to the bathroom all the time. We’re dealing with nausea. So overall detoxing can be very important to weight loss. And I would recommend starting with testing and then choosing the program that fits your needs best. So look up diabetes, gyms and obesogens in the research. I think you’ll be very surprised and probably pretty angry about what the research is showing what’s being allowed into our environment and how these chemicals are linked to weight gain and diabetes. I would also like to invite you to my functional weight loss program, where we’re doing a weekly fitness playoffs, giving you a meal plans as well, really diving deep into weight loss health, and how you can be your best, feel your best. We also talk about body care, body love probably appreciation, things like that. So make sure you join us like it’s subscribed to this video. So that way you never miss an episode and we’ll see you next time.