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Hi everyone. This is Dr. Alison DiBarto Goggin with Little Black Bag Medicine. And today I wanted to talk to you about self care products, gluten hormones, all of those things, because I was reading about gluten intolerance and then watching videos of mainstream doctors saying, you know, leaky gut doesn’t exist, gluten sensitivity is a lie and nobody has these issues.

I was reading the anxiety summit that just finished up and dr. Tom O’Brien was one of their guest speakers and talking about brain health and things like that. He was going on about products, tattoos,

gluten free things. And so when I first saw gluten-free a long time ago, like gluten-free shampoo, I thought this is ridiculous. Like, I think we’re going too far with the gluten sensitivity, right? This is, this is too far. And the more that I’ve learned, the more that I realize how incredibly necessary those products are and what I like that dr. O’bryan said about these things, as he says, there’s really no debate anyone that wants to debate this, just hasn’t read the science and how completely true is that, that we have the testing. We have the science, we have the research, we have the biomarkers to prove that gluten sensitivity is an issue. And so if you’re not aware of what leaky gut or gluten sensitivity is I’ll fill you in really quickly. So gluten is a protein that is really hard to digest. And when we eat proteins and all food, they break down into their individual components with our digestive enzymes and our stomach pancreas gallbladder. And if gluten is not broken down, it stays as it’s protein. And we cannot use that. We c

an not digest it. We cannot assimilate it as nutrition. So when it gets into the intestines, the intestines do open and close. So everybody has leaky gut.

It’s the way that our body kind of samples our immune system samples, what’s going on in our gut to make sure everything’s good, fight off any bugs, things like that. So as it opens and closes, it’ll get a hit of this gluten protein. And the immune system will just hack it and say, this is an issue. I don’t recognize this. It’s not an amino acid. It’s not broken down, but this gluten thing, this gluten proteins an issue. So if you see this again, make sure that you attack it. So over time, as you’re not breaking it down, and this can happen with any food. And I see this a lot with people who eat the same thing every day. So if you’re eating eggs and blueberries and vacant every morning for breakfast over time, we’re going to develop a tolerance. So the immune system, as you keep eating those, so we have gluten.

Most people have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or they’re having muffins for breakfast sandwiches for lunch things for dinner,

pasta for dinner. And it means system just keeps getting hit and hit and hit. And it ramps up. The problem that it turns into is that many of our cells, our systems have protein like markers. So our thyroid, our brain, our pancreas, all kind of look like gluten. So the immune system is not perfect. It’ll go, this is close enough and it will attack it. So that’s why so many women who have hypo thyroid issues also are gluten sensitive because as they eat the gluten, the immune system blocking around their body, it sees their thyroid, their thyroid kind of looks like gluten. It goes attack it.

So now we have all these auto immune conditions coming up and there’s so many receptors. I have all my research in front of me.

I’m not, I’m not going to bore you with it. But the research is absolutely there. Maybe in the comments, I can put some things on there if you really want to, but as these antibodies increase and we could see this in the blood. So anti LPS markers, actin-myosin, zonulin, all of these things. We’re looking for antibodies to, to show us. So this can be even further than a food sensitivity test. Where am I sensitive to gluten? Yes or no. It’s not that easy. There’s over a hundred different types of proteins of glu

ten. So there’s not just one type of gluten, gluten protein. And then our immune system has five different types of cells that we want to look at, like IgE, IgG, IGA IgM. So if you’re not getting all of those, you’re not getting a full view of how sensitive is your body.

So this goes way beyond that. So when the second half of this, what I said was hormones, and there’s a lot of talk in the, the energetic, the female community of, Oh, my period’s so heavy. It’s so horrible. I’m in so much pain. I must be really toxic. Or this is all because of my emotions and I’m shutting toxic emotions. And I, I want to sit here and say, yes, that’s definitely a possibility. But the other thing that we have to think about is you can sit here and say, it’s energetic, but what are you putting on your body? What kind of shampoos and conditioners are you using? You’re definitely wearing makeup. You’re getting your nails done. You’re getting your hair dyed every other week. You’re using products, you’re using ship or lotions, things like that. All of those things are estrogen driven that are messing with your hormones.

So when we have these products that are affecting our body, everything that you put on your skin will get into your bloodstream. It’s just the way it is. So our skin is porous. It is meant to absorb. So we have to be careful with these products that we’re using, because it can directly affect our hormones, our immune system. So if you’re w

ith auto immune conditions and nothing seems to be helping, one thing you might consider, this is not, this is not the only thing. And this is not the only solution, but looking at your food sensitivities, and then looking at the products that you’re using. So shampoo, gluten-free conditioner, gluten-free makeup clean gluten-free because if you’re sensitive to different foods, but then you’re putting them on your body, in your body or absorbing them constantly, you’re still going to be building up those sensitivities. You’re still going to have an immune attack.

A lot of people who have psoriasis, eczema issues like that who are also gluten sensitive are just killing their skin because they’re putting all these lotions on that have gluten in them. They’re using like if you have scalp psoriasis or eczema, you’re using products that are literally feeding your immune system to keep attacking your skin and these issues especially with eyes thyroid. So if you’re putting lotion all over your neck and your face, and it’s driving this immune reaction to keep attacking ourselves, this is where I’m probably a part of these issues might come in. So the first thing I would say is that get a food sensitivity test make sure it’s whole blood. And by that, I mean not a blood prick, not a hair test, not a saliva test, not agent kinetic tests. I want to see a tube of blood that is being used because a lot of these tests, it’s just not enough.

You’re not getting aliv

e immune reaction. So it’s just partial. It’s not enough to tell you everything that’s going on the next. And then eliminate those foods that you are sensitive to. I see a lot of people will send me their food sensitivity tests and they’re like, well, I just cut out the high foods, but everything else is fine. The reality is that you want to rotate the foods that are on those lower ends. So like Genova’s tests that I use. They have very low and low, medium, and then high. So we want to take everything out, start rotating the very low and low foods in and out. So that way your body decreases the sensitivity to them and your immune system gets a break. And then those medium and high foods, we want to take them out completely and give your body a break there.

And then the high ones almost never can be reintroduced because your body will always have that cellular memory. And then the next step would be looking at your supplements. Are they immune neutral, which is a huge thing, which is why I use companies like apex energetics, because they are specifically immune neutral. They’re not going to trigger you. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free all of those things. You don’t have to worry about it. If you’re taking supplements off the shelf like vitamin D or your multi-pitch might have gluten as a binder in there, a lot of medica

tions like prednisone have gluten in them as a binder, look at your medications. Do you need them to be compounded at a special pharmacy, which is really no big deal, but they can make it. So it doesn’t have the things that you’re sensitive to. When I was in the hospital, when I got home, they just, I have hundreds of prednisone pills and the pain that those pills cause me was insane.

And I didn’t know that there was dairy and gluten in them and that, and that time I was ridiculously sensitive to them. So that whole time I was just feeding my Patty something that should have been anti-inflammatory and good and helpful, but it ended up costing so much more harm. And then look at your products, shampoo, makeup, things like that. What are you putting on your body, your skin, a

nd get to the bottom of that. So that is how we can really support the body and the auto immune flares, things like that. So that way your, your body is protected during that feeding it. So I know it sounds crazy to look at gluten-free shampoo, but it could make all the difference for you and your hair and your body and your, your thyroid and your weight too, because your inflammation will go down. So thank you for tuning in today, and we will see you next time.

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