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Hello and welcome to today’s podcast and YouTube story. Today I’m so excited to share with you why and how I use essential oils in my practice. Because when I first learned about essential oils, what was it, eight years ago now, I really thought that it was hippie baloney, that they weren’t very effective. I had never personally use essential oils. Maybe they smelled good or I had found something cutesy at a store they were given to me as a gift. I had a pediatric practice that was in downtown St Louis and I sent my parents down the street to get lavender oil to help with pain for ear infections and Robin. And then we had all these kind of like homemade tricks, but chiropractic really was the answer for me. It still is, it’s an amazing tool.

But you know, parents would come back and say, I don’t know if it works. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t. I thought, you know, at least they felt like they were using something and if it helped even better, right? Like, we’ll use any tool at our disposal to help our children. So why not try a couple different oils? So fast forward to eight years ago a friend called me and said, Hey, I found this company, doTERRA, I don’t know, I’m reading about them. It’s an MLM. And my first thought was like, Oh my God, no, don’t join an MLM. I’ve done tons of them before. It’s not worth your time or money. Like let’s figure out where we can actually get real oils from and do some research in it. And why would you do that anyways? Because they’re all a bunch of nonsense, right?

So she ended up joining and then I ended up supporting her, right? Because it’s what I call the family pity kit. When someone in the family starts a new company, you buy something to be like, Hey, I support you. I’ll buy a pizza cutter or you know, I’ll take a lipstick. Great, no problem.

I got a kit and what happened was mailed it to my office and I took the wrapper off of it and looked at it. It was like, what the heck do you do with these things? This is dumb, just to be completely honest with you. I had a patient come in, I’d been seeing her for a few years and she had severe foot pain, a lot of nerve issues. She was walking with a cane. She always had to wear the yoga toes separators to help manage her foot pain.

I did my normal thing, which was taking the edge off of the pain, but we couldn’t get rid of it completely. I said, Hey look, I got new toys and showed her my oils and I did muscle testing at the time and she tested for frankincense. So I put two drops on the top of her feet, two drops on the bottom of feet and kept working on her and she was done with her appointment.

10 minutes later she comes back and she’s knocking on my door saying, Hey, I made it all the way down the stairs through the parking lot and I realized I wasn’t using my cane. And I’m not in any pain, what is this? It’s because it had to be the frankincense because I’ve been working with her for so long, there’s nothing else that could have done it for her.

That was my quick entryway into realizing that oils are effective when they are sourced correctly and they’re not cut with anything and they’re not synthetic. So the synthetic really is where this myth that oils don’t work comes from.

Now in my functional medicine practice, since I’m not adjusting anymore, I use oils because they are important for first of all, fast relief. When we’re working on something, it takes a lot of lifestyle change and wow supplements and everything like that. We use some for digestion anxiety. Pain relief is really, really quick right now for longterm support. I also use some for hormones, for immune support, for chronic issues. Autoimmune, it really just supports the body, bring it back into balance because every little bit helps and what your body might respond to is going to be completely different from somebody else responds to.

A friendly reminder that oils do not treat, cure, heal, prevent, right? Only the FDA says only medications can do that. So really when I’m talking about oils and specific issues, it’s really that we’re supporting the body, we’re improving the physiology, we’re not curing or treating anything, we’re just helping you get over to the other side because we’re really looking at how the oils affect the body on a cellular level, a mitochondrial level to improve health. And that’s, that’s all we’re doing.

I want to give you three examples of how I love to use oils in my practice. And I also teach classes locally, monthly, and online. So check out our Facebook page, which is a little dock bag medicine. Click the events tab so you can come hang out with us. Make some roller bottles.

So number one, for my functional medicine practice, it’s hormones because the oils are so adaptogenic that they’re bringing everybody back into balance. I love to use glandulars for hormones. I love herbal support. I love homeopathics, but I really, really, really love oils because almost everybody will respond to an oil where not everybody responds to homeopathics or herbs. So it’s amazing.

Now when my daughter was six years old, she would get super cranky and I would just get out that women’s monthly blend and just rub it on her, like on her wrist or the back of her neck. And know she would calm down. And it really was calming for her because a little girls do have these ups and downs with hormone spurts and now she is 12 and she’s using it consistently for her cycle as well.

And then I have been using it for eight years as well. And I started because I would use it for when I was getting my cycle to help manage cramps and mood and blood flow and all of those things. But someone suggested I should try using it every single day and how, see how it affects your cycle. And once I started doing that, my whole cycle changed.

The reason for that is because it also supports the thyroid, the ovaries, the adrenals, and the brain with the hypothalamus.

So it’s not just a feel goodery right? Like I’m putting something on how the pain is really is addressing the cellular tissue of all of those glands. And then now we have this wide range. I’m telling you about a six year old, I’m telling you about me and I’m trying to tell you about one of my other patients who was post-menopausal and struggling with hot flashes and pain and mood and insomnia. What drug, what or what supplement can you think of that’s going to help a six year old, a 30 year old and a 60 year old with a hormones?

There’s nothing there but we can do this with oils. And so it’s so easy.

Another part of what I love about oils too is that you don’t have to take a pill, right? You can with oil, some of them you can use internally, but when you’re taking a lot of supplements and you’re really trying to change how you eat, sometimes just opening that next bottle, it’s just too much. It’s too much. So using the oils can really take that resistance off you.

And I tell everybody to quick tip before I move on, I tell everybody to keep their Clary calm, that monthly blend by their toothbrush. So that way in the morning and at night when you brush your teeth, you can use it, keep one in your desk at work, keep one in your car, keep one in your purse, keep on everywhere because you’re never going to know when you’re going to need it.

Okay. So number two story, I’ll give you my personal one. I struggle with ulcerative colitis and oils, really help to keep the inflammation down and at Bay. So what I use is a couple of different combinations of things and it took me a while to figure this out. So when my body is not responsive to medication or other support that I’ve been working for so long to get I still have to use my oils and what a blessing to have them. And because they’re so accessible. So tumeric, Yarrow, celery seed and peppermint are my go to now. I’ll combine them in a bottle and that way I just use a dropper top to fill up an empty veggie cap to make it really easy. They have peppermint soft gels now too. I love to use digests and soft gels. So now I think about this story because when I was first given my medication, they were just like, it’s $1,000.

And so I called my doctor and I didn’t hear back for a few days, which was really a bummer. And when I talked to the front desk, they’re like, Oh yeah, he’s just ignoring you. And then it took three and a half weeks for the nurse practitioner to even message me back. So there’s lot of options you can do with prescriptions. So like good RX is really helpful. But in the meantime, what are you going to do? So oils can really help bridge that gap when you still need support. They don’t interfere with medications. You can always double check online. And it just has really helped me through the really hard times. Okay. And knowing that ulcerative colitis is chronic, it is relapsing and remitting that it’s, you can use more if you need to. So that’s awesome. All right. That’s why I love my oils.

So next as when we really have to work through a long process of healing or reducing stress or it’s really just, you feel like something’s out of your control.

You really want something that works now. So when I had joined with doTERRA when I was pregnant with my son, and it saved my life because I couldn’t lay down, I couldn’t eat because my acid reflux was so bad. So I would put digests on just on my belly and Oh my gosh, I could eat, I can lay down to go to sleep. It was like a miracle. Another thing that helped is that I had a chronic sinus infection. I couldn’t breathe. I was sleeping, sitting up, but I wasn’t breathing either. I had a permanent breathe strip, like first leaping and snoring on my nose. I was going to work with it all day long. My patients were wondering if I got beat up at a bar or something like that cause I looked just miserable. I used the breathe to put it on my nose and it just cleared my airways so I could breathe.

I can think I could focus. It was amazing.

And then after he was born, I struggled with a lot of postpartum anxiety. Panic attacks, depression. Someone said, you need to get those oil called balance. And I thought, you people are stupid. You’re drinking the Koolaid. Oils aren’t for panic and anxiety. They’re not going to help me. This is severe. You don’t understand. But I bought it anyways because I’m willing to try things. I’m really to be open and flexible. So I remember that I was trying to get baby Jake in the car and I was like, we have to go grocery shopping. We don’t have any food and I’m starving and I just have to, I have to be able to get a house but I couldn’t because of the anxiety and the panic was so bad. So I reach for my bottle of balance.

I took off the cap, I smelled it and I put two drops on my wrist and within 30 seconds all of that anxiety was gone. I felt like a completely different person and I was like, what am I doing sitting around just waiting, like let’s get to the grocery store. Like it’s no big deal, calm down.

I carried a bottle of balance with me for two years because I knew that if I got stuck somewhere it would get me through and it would help me sleep and help the kids sleep. And it was just such a blessing to have something that was going to work so quickly, so effectively and so safely. I was breastfeeding baby Jake and trying to take care of myself and heal after having babies.

So now I know that I can use oils to help my patients when they’re also struggling through when the anxiety kicks up, when insomnia kicks up, because they’re going through cycles of healing and relapsing and trying to figure out what’s going to work and what’s not going to work. Oils really helps them to manage a wide variety of symptoms.

Now the next biggest question I always get is, but show me the research. Prove it. Well great, no problem. You can go to and type in any essential oil type in a chemical constituent name to see the research on it. You could type in doTERRA. Doterra has a science blog with all of the research that has been done is being done, will be done.

There is third party research out there on all of these oils. Most of my books and my textbooks have researched articles attached to the information that’s going on with that. So there’s so much out there than there was ever before. So many options, so many new things that we’re learning every single day. So don’t be afraid to try, be open, be flexible, and really know that oils can be a major, simple, effective key in your lifestyle program. So that way it really doesn’t speed up. It really does speed up how well your program works, how much you’re going to feel better, and how quickly you can get there too. So thank you for tuning in. Make sure to check the comments. I’ll drop my Facebook page in there so that way you can get the link to any events coming up. Shoot me a message if you have any questions, and thanks for tuning in today.

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