Transcribed from the Functional Wellness with Dr. Alison Podcast:

Hello everyone, this is Dr Alison DiBarto Goggin and today I wanted to chat real quick with you on audio about the concept of feeling it to heal it.

So most people say you got to feel it to heal it. And this is why I really developed my Awakened Your Soul Medicine program. It is the same reason I wrote “Healing the Woman Within” last year because medicine, nutrition, supplement oils, all of these things that we do can only really take you so far with your physical health.

But when we have these emotional issues, concerns, past trauma that still needs healing, you still need that spiritual guidance to break through to the other side. So like in my book we talked about intuition, childhood traumas, ancestral issues, how you work with your parents, how you work with your children, and what I really wanted to start doing with more people is diving deeper into real time energy healing, soul retrieval, gaining power, and really just creating the safe and loving space to work through these blocks.

A way to communicate with your higher self or the divine or God the universe so that way you can really start bringing yourself back in to your body.

Most people are dissociating from their life to escape and I understand I’ve been there, I still kind of do it as well. And really when we talk about feel it to heal it, it isn’t about like living your best life. It isn’t about ignoring what’s going on, put on a happy face and just move on with life, right? It’s about actually being present even when things are really, really down.

Today in my empath energy and intuition group, I posted a an audio about you know what to do when you’re down in that spiral. And I think it’s so important that we don’t gloss over the negative emotions. We don’t pretend like they aren’t there. We don’t dissociate from our body.

And the reason for that is when we’re down depressed, anxious, feeling like you’re a burden to other people, feeling like you’re worthless, feeling like everything’s at the end and you don’t know where to go or what to do. That when we dissociate or mentally, emotionally, and spiritually leave our body to try and make it through that time, right? We put on blinders. We kind of kind of like when you’re driving down the freeway and you’re like, Oh, how’d I get to my destination?

Because you were so busy. You’re thinking of other things. When we leave our body, those emotions stay there and they’re programmed within our brain, within our peptides. They’re programmed in our neurotransmitters.

So what’s happening is you’re allowing those emotions, those chemicals, those compounds, those hormones to continue to roll in your body and you never take the time to allow them to be processed.

You never allow your body to break the pattern or give yourself a pattern interrupt to say, okay, I’m downward spiraling. Here’s what’s going on. Recognizing it, seeing it, staying at accepting for what it is, and then interrupting that pattern.

And part of that is because we’ve never been taught how to interrupt a pattern. When you’re down, you take medication. Some people like me and when you’re down, you smell a great smelling oil and you hope you snap out of it. Or you go to therapy and you talk about it.

But when you’re on your own at three o’clock in the morning, how do you pattern interrupt? How do you get your body to stop freaking out? Right? Cause that’s part of it.

We have neuro-transmitters going, Hey, why are, whether you’re a female and you’re ovulating or you’re getting your period, you’re having these hormone flexes or there’s an emotional issue.

Someone in your family calls and they trigger you or you’re just feeling the collective sliding in and causing all of these problems. We’ve never really been taught how to pattern interrupt. So the first thing in this feel it to heal it is to feel it and to acknowledge where it comes from. And it might be really difficult to say I’m having these issues because my mind has been so trained to feel worthless because someone close to me told me things throughout my entire life. And we don’t feel like if we say I’m upset because of this person, that person might be mad at us.

Really you’re dissociating from that relationship and allowing the, the trauma to continue. So you know, accepting the emotions. You don’t have to fight them. You don’t have to feel guilty about having these feelings. You don’t have to push them down and hope they never come up.

It’s really important and you might feel like, Oh, all I do is cry. I hear this a lot. All I do is cry. I’m so emotional. Nobody wants to be around me. And that might be true, right? We might have those hard days and everybody’s like, Oh my God, she’s crying again. But that’s important for you to process of crying as you’re processing it. You have to do it.

If you’re angry, you need to be able to release that. So that might be exercise. It might be putting on music and punching pillows, it might be screaming, it might be singing. It could be a number of different things for you.

That pattern interrupt might be taking a shower and getting off the couch and stopping that cycle of spiraling down and as you learn how to pattern interrupt for yourself, and it might be oils, it might be nutrition, it might be cooking yourself a healthy meal or going out and getting a salad or something that feeds you. Soup would be a great option. And allowing yourself to be taken care of. That is also a great pattern interrupt.

When you start doing these things, you’ll find that the spiral doesn’t go as far down as it used to. And then over time you’ll notice that the spirals are happening less and less you’re triggered less because you have a better handle on why you’re being triggered and how you react when you’re triggered.

Then when you are confronted with something that is upsetting, you are able to look at it and feel it instead of dissociating and deal with it or change the way you view it or shifted or be more proactive instead of stepping back and going, “Oh, poor me. Nothing ever works for me. No one can help me. Nothing is good. I just need to go away.” You’re like, “no, screw this. I can do better.”

We still have that physical aspect of balancing hormones, making sure testosterone, thyroid, adrenals, insulin, all of those are functioning correctly because we want to take away the physical triggers as much as we can. And then on the emotional side, just start digging through the beliefs, the traumas, the words that you use to yourself on a daily basis and start looking at them, interrupting them and changing them.

I would love to invite you to join me in the awakened your soul medicine program. It is a three month intensive. It is one-to-one. It is a combination of my entire functional medicine practice. But we go into the energy healing, the shamanic practitioner side of everything we talk every day. So this is the opportunity to not just get the physical help but the emotional and spiritual help that we can do to uncover those.

And you get a bunch of extra bonuses that we can talk about later. But this is an application only because I want to work with people who are action takers, who want that deep transformation and know that they’re going to have to work for it and do the deep dives, but with me so you’re not alone.

Really just all I ask is that you’re open to honesty, humor, truth, and creativity, that way you can come into your own creativity, your own spirituality, in your own healing as we walked down this path together. Message me on Facebook at little black bag medicine, you can apply, if you’d rather do it that way online on my website is a and there is the awakened your soul program under consultations.

That is how we can start this journey together so you can live your life, embody in your body, and discover yourself and your gifts again and enjoy your life. So I will talk to you soon and enjoy your day.