What does Cross-Reactivity of coffee and gluten mean??

If you are sensitive or intolerant to gluten this means that your immune system has tagged the gluten protein as something that is foreign and needs to be attacked as an invader.

This leads to allergies, intestinal pain, inflammation, and digestive disorders.

Over time, your immune system that has created antibodies to the gluten protein will also create antibodies to proteins that are *similar* to gluten and attack them as well.

This is how gluten autoimmunity begins!

Your brain, pancreas, thyroid, and many other cells have a structure that is similar to the whole protein of gluten so your body thinks that your cells are gluten and begin an attack.

Since many foods have similar (but not exact) proteins the immune system will tag them and attack them as well.

Just like your favorite cup of coffee β˜•οΈ

Other foods that are similar to gluten can be the ones you eat every day, so variety in your diet is important!

You can do a blood test to see what your body has created cross-reactions with through our office!


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