Anxiety and fear of the unknown are what holds back the majority of my clients.

Scared to try something new, scared to find out what their blood work says, scared that no one can help them.

They are afraid of following a plan and in the end, they didn’t get results or feel better. They are afraid that they will invest money, time, energy, and focus into their life and health for no return.

The anxiety creeps in and tells them ‘what if nothing is wrong with you and you really are crazy’ or ‘what if something really is wrong with you and its really bad, incurable, and will ruin your life and family’.

Yesterday, I shared that my patients are seeing fast changes in bloating, weight loss, headaches, and pain because they are willing to work through that fear and anxiety.

They had to step into a place of trust with me, their plan, and with their own motivation and belief in their body to heal itself.

Honestly, if you are working a plan and not seeing changes, even small ones, in a month then something needs to be adjusted. We can’t be afraid to change your plan, try something new, do further testing. Nothing is set in stone, there are always more options to try!

How can you take the next step with confidence?

Know that hiding from the tests and results doesn’t keep you healthier, it keeps you in a state of illness, fear, and the possibility of feeling worse.

Work with someone you trust, interview your doctors and health team, get referrals, and don’t be afraid to walk away if someone isn’t listening or helping.

Know that even if your symptoms are ‘all in your head’, they most likely aren’t and we can find a solution, and if they are we can utilize emotional support and clearings for you! Therapy, counseling, energy healing, and shamanic work is what will help you break through the emotional spirals. There is always support there for you.

If you tell me ‘but I have tried EVERYTHING’ I can guarantee you haven’t. There are too many options for you to have tried everything. Too many tests to find the root cause, too many modalities for physical support, as well as natural support methods, prescriptions, and surgery. Keep going until you find what is right for you.