Two years ago I literally burned the book of my life that I had written out with my dream life.

I know that I have been resistant to growth in many times of my life, with different circumstances, people, finances, or just working through a healing process.

With my path as a functional medicine physician and bringing my shamanic practitioner training out, I had to release the resistance to so many concerns and fears.

I had to let go of my past training and the way I used to work with patients, which was scary because I felt like I was going against those who still practiced those methods. I had to accept not following the path I had so clearly decided when I graduated and went through the LifeBook seminars. I literally burned the book of my dream life.

I felt like a failure. I didn’t reach the ideal of what everyone else was achieving, I didn’t have the dream practice or the numbers that the big docs were hitting and judging everyone by, I wanted something different and it was difficult to share with anyone. No one understood me and so many people actually said “I don’t understand what you are doing or why. Can’t you just be happy with…… Why aren’t you still practicing this way……. You can’t tell people you do that…….That stuff doesn’t work!”

I did learn to follow my own soul and what *I* wanted. That has also changed multiple times and I learned to love the change. When new ideas present themselves I know the difference now on which ones to bring forth and which ones I can let go.

I learned that my medicine is so much bigger than what I had originally imagined for my life. I am finding that I am connecting with my people on much deeper levels, talking more about their trauma, beliefs, and soul which is bringing them through their process much faster. They are feeling the lightness of healing and so am I with my own health.

There is a deep relief in feeling comfortable in your body again. When you stop dissociating from your life and body and you are able to embrace feeling present everything begins to change. And a big part of that is knowing what you want, letting go of what you expected for yourself, your life, and learning to live right now, even when things are crappy and you burn your life book.

You are not a failure, listen to your soul and follow YOUR path 💃

Ps: Do you feel stuck in cycles of self-sabotage and perfectionism?

Do you feel disconnected or dissociated from your life, like this is happening to someone else and you just want to wake up?

Are you struggling with health issues and need someone who is willing to do the deep dive into testing and support with you?

If I could help you understand why you are experiencing this in your life and body, show you the map to shift it all, would you be willing to step up and start now?

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