In a few weeks, my program powerful pleasure will be open and I couldn’t be more excited to share this info with you! this course will be a six-week program including functional medicine, hormone healing, and empowering emotional and sexual health for women.

Most women in my practice have low libido, though it isn’t something they come to me directly as a main complaint, it is most likely something they check off the symptom list.All of my patients tell me, I love my husband or my partner, I’m just not in the mood. I don’t have the energy, or the need, or the time. and they feel guilty and ashamed. they know this is a big part a healthy and happy relationship and they feel like they are letting their spouse down.

Again, this is incredibly common but it is a sign that something in your body isn’t working.At first glance, most women say ‘hormones!’ that something is wrong there and most likely yes. The most important part of blaming hormones is to test first.

I have had a number of women come to me with ‘normal’ blood work and normal blood testosterone, but when we check their saliva, their hormones are at the extremely high or low levels. Blood work alone will not tell you what your hormones are doing because they are protein-bound, they are inactive. hormones in the saliva are active and unbound, so you are actually finding out the levels of what your body is using. Your low libido might be because of low testosterone but you won’t know until you test!

Another reason many women struggle with low libido is the brain is not signaling and initiating hormones correctly. I use a lot of brain support, organ rebuilding supplements to support the pituitary and hypothalamus.And if the adrenals are struggling, which we can find out through saliva testing, we can support those to improve overall hormone health. Especially if you are a woman who is near or post-menopausal because the adrenals take over for hormone of the main external reasons for a woman’s body to be struggling is toxicity and low nutrition. I run an organic acids profile which is a urine metabolism test and I find more nutritional deficiencies, the need for more healthy fats for the body to create healthy hormones, and toxic by-products of plastic and environmental toxins.

You can fix hormones all day long but if you don’t figure out why they are off then they will go right back into dysfunction.All of the physical issues can be easy to fix. We can run blood work, saliva testing, and nutritional testing to see what needs to be supported and the body will fall in line.

The real work and the work that we will be doing the most of in my program is self-esteem, body confidence, and knowing and then expressing what you want in your life, from your partner, from your self.This is my favorite part of my long term support programs with my patients. We work really hard to normalize hormone patterns, correct inflammation and gut health, and then when the libido is still super low we start digging into the mindset.