We start on Thursday!!

Can you believe August is here already?? School begins in just a few weeks, emotions and stress are high, and you might be worried about how your children will do in new schools, new classes, and with new teachers.

This course will help you learn how to support your children and your own brain health to improve focus, memory, sleep, and learn about the underlying reasons why you might be feeling off.

Enrollment closes August 5th and the Facebook group is open now for you to ask questions. I will see you in the group!

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What is this program all about?

When our son was 18 months old he completely regressed after a round of antibiotics and strep. He stopped talking, singing, sleeping, and playing. We felt like we lost our son. It was a few years later when we realized he has PANDAS and our journey to bring him back to health was long, stressful, and lonely.

I want to share the tools and information we used to support him, but also how we have helped our whole family improve our brain health, sleep, memory, and focus.

My husband used to get sleepy as soon as he started driving *cue me freaking out*

Our daughter couldn’t focus on reading for more than 10 minutes.

I couldn’t fall asleep, stay asleep, or get out of bed in the morning.

Our son had major emotional meltdowns, refused to eat food, and also wasn’t sleeping.

We were able to change all of this by focusing on our brain health, nutrition, and exercises and I can’t wait to share this info with you! I am looking forward to school this year because we won’t have the homework fights (or as many of them), our home is calmer and happier, and everyone is sleeping at the right time and right place.

This is the place for you if you are wanting to change your memory, mood, emotions, and support your family to do the same!

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