Do you feel paralyzed by food?

Do you struggle knowing what to eat and when?

Do you worry because everything is “bad” and no matter what you do the food you eat is “wrong”?

You starve because of guilt and indecision and then binge at dinner or dessert.

Or you survive on protein shakes because everything you eat makes you sick.

Guess what?

It’s true, everything you eat is bad.

I love peanut butter but I can also name 10 major issues that can make you sick when you eat it….

What can you do???

Just eat!

Don’t be so scared of food. There is no one right way or program for every body. You are unique!

I can guarantee you the problem lies in when you are eating, how little you are actually taking in, and when you skip protein and fat and go right for sugar.

We can talk enzymes and gut health later, this is about you eating food to fuel your body, brain, hormones, and energy.

I also know that you know the difference between a healthy choice and not so healthy:

Oreos vs carrots

Fast food vs home cooked

Soda vs water

You might be binging on the harmful but tasty foods when you aren’t keeping your blood sugar in balance during the day and leave your body screaming for nutrition at the end of the day.

All you have to do is eat food. Start tracking what you are eating, how you are feeling (energy, gut health, emotions) with each meal, your weight, and even your blood sugar levels. Then you will be able to see what helps you feel energized and happy and what makes you feel sick and tired.

And message me to get some personalized help too 🙂

Dr. Alison

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