Today we are talking about #leakygut #leakybrain and #anxiety!

Leaky gut is similar to leaky brain, where the protective lining of each is worn down, cells start to spread apart, and toxins, hormones, infections start to leak through.

We can test for leaky gut and leaky brain through stool and blood testing!!

So when you have leaky brain and leaky gut your neurotransmitters aren’t staying where they need to be. For example, you can buy GABA at the nutrition store and it will help you feel relaxed. Great news right?! NOPE!

What this actually means is you have leaky brain and GABA can get through, where a healthy barrier traps GABA and won’t allow it to pass in or out.

Don’t take GABA, we need to restore your barrier systems.

And if your neurotransmitters are leaking in your brain And gut mood disorders will always appear. It may be which appeared first, but we have a starting place to address your health and emotions!

Next step, schedule your call with me and get started with your *personalized protocol* for my 21 day Anxiety and Depression Reboot!

So much goodness in the #perimenopause and #andropause that I will be sharing with you this week especially at the 21 day Anxiety and Depression Reboot starts next Monday.

The only question remains: what is the root cause of your symptoms?
We will go through each topic this week but here are some insights into anxiety, mood, depression root causes:
– Insulin resistance and blood sugar instability
– Nutritional deficiencies
– Leaky Gut
– Leaky Brain and microglial activation/inflammation
– Generalized inflammation
– Adrenal fatigue leading to brain dysregulation/damage
– Neurotransmitter imbalances (hello craving chocolate and wine!)
– Trauma, PTSD, Abuse
– Abnormal circadian rhythms
– Breakdown of the hormone axis’ (hypothalamus and pituitary)
– Too much or too little estrogen
– The list goes on!

There is no one solution or blanket protocol that can be used for someone with generalized anxiety, let’s find your root cause and help you feel your best!

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