Are you struggling with

– Fatigue

– Depression and anxiety

– Insomnia

– Auto-immune conditions

– Leaky Gut

– Brain fog

– Any issues with memory

We have talked about leaky gut and how the barrier in the gut can break down causing a host of symptoms with digestion, bloating, allergies, and skin issues.

We rarely talk about the leaky blood-brain barrier! The blood brain barrier is a network of cells that protects your brain by filtering nutrients, chemical messengers, hormones, and keeps out bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

With ongoing inflammation, a disrupted immune system, and auto-immune issue compromise against your barrier systems, like leaky gut, your brain can be exposed to toxins and lose the ability to regulate many neurotransmitters when gaps are created between the cells, just like the gut.

So how do we know when the blood brain barrier is compromised and you aren’t experiencing these vague symptoms from other issues like adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, or liver congestion?

We test!

The GABA Challenge

GABA is a chemical made in the brain that is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and will slow down the brain, like a brake pedal. GABA is also made in the gut but it does NOT cross the blood brain barrier.

The GABA challenge is a simple way to test the blood brain barrier. Here is how the challenge works:

1. In the evening, 2 hours after dinner, plan on taking the supplement.

2. Take 1000mg of GABA as a supplement, making sure there are no other ingredients

3. Observe how you react and feel over the next hour.

Ideally, you have NO change in how you feel. This means that your blood brain barrier is intact!

Look for symptoms of feeling slowed down, tired, sluggish, or even woozy as if you have consumed alcohol. You may feel incredibly relaxed, less anxious or stressed, and even feel a ‘runners high’.

A few people will feel energized, excited, motivated. Both slowed down or excited feelings show that the GABA has crossed the blood brain barrier and that it is compromised.

**This does not mean to go out and buy GABA supplements to help you feel relaxed. You should focus on healing the blood brain barrier to ensure the health of your brain.

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