Some mistakes were made these past few years.

After the functional blood work seminar, I was excited to back to my old blood labs and look at them with fresh eyes and the latest research.

What did I find out??

First, I could have killed myself with the supplements I was taking because we were guessing and not doing the right work.

Second, I found out that I haven’t had a full blood panel done in 10 years. Since Ava was born……

What?? The last panel that was run was just a thyroid panel. How did I miss this??

Ok, so fresh blood work was ordered and we skipped off to the lab. Yes, I made my husband update his labs too.

But then I got a call from the lab that one of my results came back with an ALERT, something they do when something is really off and the doc needs to know ASAP.


So I took my personal evaluation to the results, shared with my doc and a few others. My labs actually looked great except a few markers. And that one major ALERT.

And for every person I asked I got a different answer. 1. Nothing is wrong 2. You’re dehydrated. 3. Insulin resistance 4. You weren’t fasting long enough. 5. Check B vitamins.

But no one agreed with my personal assessment.

So I did the hard thing and ignored them and went with my gut and went back for more testing.

To find out that I was right.

I have been chasing liver congestion, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and leaky gut for YEARS. Hell, I even took iron supplements because we thought I was deficient.

But I actually have Iron Overload due to hemochromotosis, a genetic disorder where your body doesn’t get rid of iron easily.

The symptoms are so vague that you don’t know until you do the blood work.

Fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness, liver congestion, depression, hormone imbalances.


I was being cheap, lazy, convinced that I just needed to get my stress in check. But the truth is that this wasn’t in my head. That my symptoms are REAL, just like yours. And I was chasing the wrong issue, despite how much that I had been doing was supportive and helpful, it never addressed what was actually going on.

What a beautiful addition to MY story and my PASSION for helping others know that

1. you aren’t crazy, this isn’t all in your head

2. get your blood work done and keep digging

3. don’t stop looking for answers.

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Live your best life!

Dr. Alison