woke up Friday, it was cold and I was already sad…. I am a summer girl! Bring back the sun! I know I personally need to prepare my body and mind for this winter to manage my seasonal sadness and I will share my ideas with you today.

Here is what I do:

1. Keep up with my supplements, specifically doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality. These whole food supplements have kept me even, hormones balanced, and pain free for years. But when I forget them or take a break my body starts toshift back out of balance. I will be consistent this winter!

2. Oil up! My go-to oils in the winter are Balance, Serenity, and wild orange. I add those to the diffuser, I even keep a prepped blended bottle in the bathroom so as I get ready in the morning the oils are all ready to go! I use copaiba and frankincense EVERY DAY for a million reasons, but mainly for mood and brain support. I can’t say enough about the emotional blends and how they help me through the day, but they are also helping our kids manage and process their emotions.

3. Leave the house. Yes it’s cold, yes it sucks, and I would rather stay home and crochet another blanket. But staying stuck in the same routine is a killer for your mood, energy, connection, community, and even spirituality. Go to a different place for lunch, take a Saturday afternoon at a local coffee shop. My girls and I plan a date at the casino spa just to chill in the hot tub!

4. All vitamins are important but adding in Vitamin D from http://www.patchmd.com is a major support for body! Transdermal nutrition can be more effective when your digestive system is compromised. Try a patch or a liposomal this year. If you aren’t sure, just message me.

5. Use a dawn or light simulator. This will help balance your cortisol response in the morning (aka wake up your brain and give your body energy). This is similar to a light box but you can use this as your alarm in the morning.

6. Use your blue light blocker glasses or night time settings on your phone and electronics as soon as the sun goes down. This will help boost your melatonin so you can sleep better and on a regular schedule.

7. Don’t do the new year new fad diet roller coaster. This sets up most people to fail, then they binge on all the foods they were avoiding in the first place and feel worse. Work with someone like me at Little Black Bag Medicine and Maureen Wielansky at Cooking Healthy Academy and we can help you create the perfect meal plan for your body so you can reach your goals but also feel empowered and happy.

What are your favorite ways to support yourself during the winter?

Check out this article on how to use oils to calm anxious feelings!

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