Beat the bloat! I started writing this post and then wrote a book. So this is the super quick version of ideas and you can grab your free e-book here and join my 10 day support group!

If you are struggling with bloating there are some simple solutions:

1. You aren’t breaking down your proteins and fat and digestive enzymes would support your stomach. Take them with every meal. This is a must if you do not have a gallbladder.

2. Probiotics will support most people with their bloating, switching probiotics can be helpful as well. I take the PB Assist Jr. because I noticed it was a better support for my health.

3. Space out your meals, some do better with giving their body time to move food through their system.

4. Blood test for food sensitivities to find the foods that are causing an immune reaction and bloating!

5. Movement: walking and stretching will help your digestive system move more efficiently.

6. Massage: massage your belly clockwise, when was the last time you gave your belly some love?

7. Tea’s with peppermint and ginger can help soothe your digestive system and support movement.

What helps you beat the bloat?

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