Working with women who have hormone imbalances is one of the most exciting part of my functional medicine practice. Most women call me because they were put on birth control with no explanations to their problems, why they are experiencing their symptoms, or given a realistic long-term solution. Hormones are not scary, complicated yes, but manageable for every woman. It’s a celebration when my patient’s send me pictures of their positive pregnancy tests or let me know that they are finally free of debilitating PMS symptoms and pain!

My top 5 hormone balancing strategies

1. Test, don’t guess! Whether you chart your cycle on your own by taking your temperature every morning and tracking your signs or use a saliva testing kit you need to start with knowing exactly how and why your hormones are functioning (or not) the way they are. 

2. Clear your liver and gallbladder. Your liver packages (conjugates) old hormones and sends them to your gallbladder so you can get them out of your body. Most women who have gallbladder problems actually have hormone issues that go unresolved when their gallbladdder is removed. Doing a liver cleanse will support all the detoxification pathways in your liver so you can better process and release hormones and say goodbye to gallbladder pain. 

3. Go green and eliminate excess estrogen and xenoestrogens from your body. Fake estrogens in makeup, soap, plastics, and even our clothes interrupt how our body makes and recognizes estrogen. Start small and replace what is easiest for your home. Find a friend who sells clean makeup and start switching over what you use the most. The sooner the better. 

4. Sleep. Restorative sleep will allow your body to heal and most importantly your brain and adrenals to heal. Reducing your stress levels during the day through breathing, meditation, or even taking an epsom salt bath every night will help reset your hormone pathways so your entire endocrine system will function better. 

5. Give yourself time! As you focus on your healing program expect at least 3 to 6 months for your cycle to regulate, especially after pregnancy or coming off of birth control. As you go through each cycle you are retraining your entire system from your brain, thyroid, adrenals, and ovaries to create a new system and cycle. Keep with your program and get personalized support so you know you are on the right path. 

As always get personalized support so you aren’t guessing and you have a functional medicine physician to walk you through your journey. I am offering an extended hormone healing program that includes a hair analysis, 3 months of supplements and essential oils, full consultations, and ongoing support. Learn more about utilizing functional medicine to finally heal your hormones with personalized support here.

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