Personalized Support Program

Are you dreading another January with overcrowded gyms, joining another challenge group, paying for another ‘cleanse’ or pill system just to lose a few pounds that you gain back in a week?

I hate being a part of the health and wellness industry in the New Year because the focus is on weight loss. Most companies and doctors are pushing fast, extreme, ineffective methods just to move people through their system. Has anyone ever stopped to ask you how your hormones, thyroid, blood type, genetics, or digestion was affecting your weight? Probably not.

Every person is unique and requires a unique look at their health, history, and goals before jumping into any new weight loss program. Because weight loss isn’t about the weight at all! With functional medicine we find that your thyroid is struggling after all or that your estrogen metabolism is affected by your IBS, or some combination of symptoms that tells you your body needs support and the traditional methods won’t work for you.

This is why I created this 3 month program, to create unique and personalized support based on your health, your goals, and how your body is functioning.

With this program you will save time, money, and energy and have the ability to finally address the underlying needs of your body so you can achieve your goals. You will have personalized support so you can ask questions, share your progress, and fine tune your program to fit your life.

What you will receive over the next 3 months:

*30 minute goal strategy session

*Updated blood labs through LabCorp with a

functional wellness review

*90 minute initial health history consultation

*Personalized 90 day plan for

+Food +Exercise +Sleep +Supplements +Testing

*Weekly Check-in calls (15 minutes)

*2 Additional 60 minute consults to review and update your plan as your health improves

Total Cost: $397

To get started click this link to fill out the form and we will contact you to set up your first 30 minute health strategy session.

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