One of the most common questions I get about essential oils is “which essential oils will help me sleep!?” and honestly, every person is different and there is no one blend that will cover every person.

I recommend finding a few blends to support your sleep and keep trying different oils! Here are my tips for finding your essential oil sleep blend:

1. Ask your friends what they use, research on Pinterest to find popular blends

2. Keep trying different combinations.

3. Try one combination for 2 weeks then switch if you don’t see a difference

4. Try using the blend in the diffuser, a pillow spray, or on your feet, wrists, neck. Mix up how you apply the oils!

5. Ask more friends what they use and recommend.

6. Don’t assume that lavender is the only oil that will help. My son sleeps best with the immune support blend and becomes restless with flower scents.

7. Follow me on Pinterest to see my favorite blends!